This is a temporary landing page for a group of Media and Communications students working with me in the Australian summer of 2014/2015. It’s just a way of creating a space for ourselves, and a place for us each to connect easily to individual blogs.

The topic that we’re addressing relates to the Australian media content industries.

But the real work of the subject will involve writing continuously in public, so I thought that was a good reason to open the summer house shutters on Salad of Many Herbs, which has been quiet for a while as I’ve been focused on Music for Deckchairs, where I write about work, edtech and illness; and on co-editing CASA which focuses on the casualisation of Australian higher education.

Here they are:

Jessica Symonds

Daniel Nesbitt

Taylor Jayne Manning

Paris Bridge

Andrew Clarke

Oliver Farrugia

Rachel Farley

Naomi Oliver

Katarina Stefanovic

Here we are on Twitter: 

And here they are, saying #hellomynameis, with thanks to @GrangerKate for her astonishing campaign to change the way people introduce themselves to one another in situations of care.


If you want to know more about #hellomynameis, this video will do the trick:


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