Opening the shutters

This blog has been a little quiet, for reasons explained over at Music for Deckchairs, but at the beginning of the Australian summer 2014/2015 I have been given the opportunity to engage with a group of writers who are also degree-enrolled students at the university where I work, and so I’ve opened the shutters to create a space for some of the reflections that go with this.

This means messing about with embedded images, so apologies if this doesn’t come through cleanly as I remember how it’s all done. But the image that came to me strongly is of opening up a house that’s been closed.

My teenage daughter is a keen rewatcher of Love, Actually. I know this is a movie that drives some people to incoherent irritation, but she’s a fan. And so several times I’ve watched Colin Firth throw open the shutters on the cottage in France where he goes to write on his battered typewriter.

It’s such a fantasy of writing, especially in the digital world in which we have not protected well the boundaries between reflective writing, bureaucratic and transactional writing, and social writing. It’s the fantasy encoded into my favourite font, American Typewriter.

Did you know that if you listen very quietly to a paragraph of American Typewriter you can hear the sound of someone typing on a real typewriter?

Just kidding.

I suspect this image isn't CC anything.

I suspect this image isn’t CC anything.

So anyhow, now the shutters are open on this blog for the summer, and from time to time there will be some reflective thoughts about working with these students, who will also be reading this.

It’s nice to be back.



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